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FJS Construction Llc

Sewer / Storm / Water lines / Excavation / Foundations / Cleaning / Driveways 

Who we are.

We are a team of professional and qualified workers that strive for a well done objective. Making the client happy is the most important and valued part of our task. We have high quality standards and always look for the satisfaction of both, client and inspectors and always look for their satisfaction and worry free. We use the correct and best materials approved to achieve the best results for the job. Our workers have many years of experience, skill and knowledge, so failure is not an option on what we are aiming for.


What we do.

Our services are, but not restricted, to pipe lines installation and repair, cleaning, excavating foundations, the use of contractors and sub contractors. If anything similar to these type of jobs are desired, we recommend you to contact us, so we can study the best option for you.


Why choose us.

For each job we attend, we understand and know that it is necessary to have an open mind and our main goal is to reach your expectations of what you are looking for. We will do everything with respect and we make an effort to please your needs. We reasure you that there is no need to be worried about anything because you would be very well informed of what our vision of the job is on the very first second that we are assigned.